Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carrom - board game

I have joined with Ryan Cooper, Nick Paustin and Chen to make an Indian board game called 'Carrom'
Ryan and Nick are working on the programming, Chen and myself are working on the art.
So far I have worked on texturing of the board.

Game Idea Pitch

This game is based on the cheesy but awesome 80's movie 'The Last Starfighter' . 
It starts of as a retro 2d game(s) that you need to get a target score to unlock the next level.

The next level is a 3d (fairly high detail) spaceship fighting/flight sim thingy.

It is essentially 2 games in one and I think it should be approached as that as well. There are 2 ways this could be tackled:
  1. Have 2 teams, one is 2d, the other is 3d (requires more people)
  2. Have one team that creates the 2d for one semester, then the 3d for the other semester.